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Me with Mouse, Vali, Vader and Harris who we sadly lost in 2021

Me with Mouse, Vali, Vader and Harris who we sadly lost in 2021

Vader, Mouse, Zarko and Vali

Vader, Mouse, Zarko and Vali

Foggy @ 5 months

Foggy @ 5 months

About Me

I am Tracey owner of Keyne Kanines.

I got my 1st dog in 1989, she was a little rescue springer called Opal. She was a very nervous little dog and I started agility soon after to build her confidence. Been hooked ever since.

Flyball and Hoopers are more recent additions to my love of dog sports, I started training flyball in 2016 and hoopers in 2020.

I currently share my home with 5 amazing dogs.Vali a 12 year old kelpie x, Vader a 8 year old collie, Mouse a 6 year old kelpie,  Zarko 3 year old working  cocker spaniel and Foggy a 2 year old kelpie/collie . Vali only competes in hoopers now and Zarko and Foggy are just starting their training journeys but the other 2 regularly compete in agility, flyball and hoopers

Having taught agility for several years at Milton Keynes Dog Training Club and later qualifying as an accredited canine hoopers UK instructor, I decided to set up Keyne Kanines, where I am able to offer regular agility, flyball and Hoopers classes. I also run puppy, trick, parkour, conditioning and scent courses.

If there isn't a course to suit you and your dog, how about a 1-2-1? we can then work on exactly what you want. 

I qualified as a certified dog parkour instructor in May 2021 so now am able to add parkour workshops to my training

In 2022 I qualified as a Canine Conditioning Academy coach, so am now pleased to add conditioning classes.

2023  saw me qualify as an Enigma Canine trusted instuctor for mantrailing, meaning I've added another nosework discipline to those offered.

I am also able to run mantrailing games.

Early 2024 I passed my enigma canine scent detection foundations course and Trail Hunt foundation, courses and workshops are now available for both.

All training is through reward based methods and I am passionate about creating a strong bond between dogs and owners via fun activities.